organizational services to declutter, refresh, and enliven your space and your life

need to reorganize a room?                                                                

pure solutions has:

  • worked on a solution to an awkward back entry-way that had become a haphazard storage area by suggesting a multi-step plan to organize and improve the space and create a chic, useful, and welcoming entry.
  • reassured an artist that her extensive collection of art material should be saved, treasured, and respected while helping her sort through other papers such as bills and financial information, determining what could be thrown out and what should be saved.  treatment plan


closets a mess?                                                               

pure solutions has:

  • developed a plan to sort through and organize an extensive and beloved jewelry collection in order to make a space for every piece to be seen and used.
  •  helped a fashionista sort through her impressive but scattered wardrobe and create a "costume shop" out of her closets by analyzing and maximizing other storage space in her apartment, and coaching her on more efficient clothes organizing and storing techniques.  before and after


office need organizing?                                                              

pure solutions has:

  • developed a filing system for a university division director that incorporated two previous directors’ files as well as her own current needs.
  • presented an office-based workshop on organizing and filing.



pure solutions has:

  • tackled a move for a house renovation by assessing available space and storage solutions, and creating a time line and moving plan.
  • assisted after a move by prioritizing needs, planning a place for every item, and designing next steps that included suggested storage and decorative items.


feeling overwhelmed?                                                               

pure solutions:

  • understands the strong emotional ties you can have to your stuff; that you can feel paralyzed in the face of a large organizing task, and sometimes ashamed at 'having let it get this messy.'  because of kate's training and experience in counseling, she will not judge, only help you towards making it better, and empower and energize you in taking charge of your space.